5 apps every Woman should have

Every woman today is a super woman. She has a demanding career or a challenging curriculum, a family and social life, shares equal financial responsibility at home and she still takes care of all those small things in life that matter a lot to her and to those she loves.

So, in the middle of this impressive juggling act, there are quite a few things a woman needs help with. So, here are five amazingly handy and absolutely free mobile phone apps that every super woman must have to make her life a little more manageable and easier.

It’s sadly true that all women in our country need Bsafe you, a personal safety app. Bsafe you helps you set up a personal safety network of friends and family members you can contanct in an instant, in times of need. With its Follow Me feature you can ask them to virtually ‘walk you home’ by sharing your GPS location with them. The app also lets you set a timer that will automatically go off if you fail to check in at pre-determined time, thereby alerting your safety network to check if something is amiss. It also has a Guardian Alert button which sends your GPS location and a small video of the incident to your safety network, and also sets off a siren if you opt for it.

With such a busy life, it is hardly surprising that today most women cannot remember something as important as their last period date.

Yes, I actually never have – something as important as that one.

If you are trying to avoid a pregnancy, or trying to conceive, or if you are dating someone, or if you regularly suffer from hormonal imbalance. So, here is just the app for you. The Period Tracker not only calculates and tracks your current and future period dates, but also tells you about your ovulation and fertile days, your moods and your symptoms, all in a simple month-view calendar. Simply download it on your mobile phone, and you need not worry about forgetting your last menstruation date ever.


This might look like a little promotion for the outfit dealdeybut it actually is not.

I think they are a reliable online shoping outfit and with the stress of work and little time to make that quick dash to the market, getting a deal certainly sounds a good idea for everyone.

You can also experience posting and discussing deals, giving store reviews, product reviews and excellent shopping advice, thus helping you make a well-informed purchase.


Someone once said, “A beautiful woman is not fat or skinny. She is healthy.” Yet, your health is the first thing that takes a back seat when things get a bit too demanding. Just so you never start neglecting your own health, because it is too much of a hassle, add MyFitnessPal app to your mobile phone. Simply set yourself a goal in this app and then you can track your daily diet, activities and exercise in five minutes. With a database of around 50 lakh global food and cuisines, it also helps you figure out the calories, fat, protein, sugar, fiber, and major nutrients present in whatever you eat. The MyFitnessPal app can also connect and integrate easily with over 50 other fitness apps and devices that you may need. Also, in the MyFitnessPal community, you can share your progress with friends, track theirs and encourage each other.


Now, there are a hundred other things you need to remember, too, like the dentist’s appointment, shopping lists, things to-do in the coming week, planning a meeting and the scores of ideas that hit you at the most unlikely times. Evernote is where you can put all these things in one place on your mobile phone, under separate categories and even access them on other devices. Here, you can also save snippets of web articles you find useful, or note things by clicking their photos, organise receipts, bills, etc. You can also chat with your colleagues and friends to discuss any important ideas, or easily find anything you want from your notes with Evernote’s powerful search.

So ladies, make yourself the priority number one in your life and get these nifty apps to help you along the way.




Career Lessons You Only Learn From Being Laid Off

Your life is over, yes, that’s just what you think when you get sacked from that job.

Scattered thoughts race through your mind, the kids, the family, the enormous bills, how to get another one in a dwindling economy like we currently are in.

There is no consoling for this situation frankly, most times, especially when it comes unexpectedly – and you probably should tell whosoever is trying to talk you into seeing the silver lining to go have a seat but truth is you eventually will have to move on and realize things indeed does happen for your good.

Here are some steps to help you do that as quick as possible, as Deola who got laid off from her job relive the whole experience



  1. You Need to Stop and Take a Breath

I loved my job—and because of that I worked nonstop. And there’s nothing quite like being told that you literally (and legally) cannot come into an office to force you to take a timeout. And while the the first few days off involved me unconsciously checking my phone for email every three to five seconds, the next month or so gave me time to relax and recharge. Yes, I was job searching, and networking, and completing freelance assignments—but I was also sleeping in, eating three leisurely meals a day away from a computer, and (eventually) leaving rooms without my phone, guilt-free.

Not only did I feel better, but stepping away from the daily grind gave me a lot of time to think about what I missed about my former position—and what I did not. And knowing that gave me a lot of clarity on my next steps.


  1. Your Dream Job Isn’t Always What You Think it Is

I’d been half-ass job searching for about a year before getting laid off. But each listing I found just didn’t seem right. Mostly because I was searching for the magical position where I could do whatever I wanted every day, on my own schedule, with people I liked, and get paid handsomely for it. But since Kris Jenner didn’t give birth to me, that wasn’t exactly coming easy.

As soon as I had no choice but to find a new opportunity, I suddenly sat down and thought about what I realistically wanted that to look like. What mattered more: a salary bump or flexible hours? Did I want to spend more time writing or more time managing? With this new list of real requirements, I suddenly found openings that I never would’ve ever considered before. That’s not to say that I lowered my standards or gave up what mattered to me—but rather that I got real about what my ideal day looked like.

  1. You Don’t Hate Networking as Much as You Think You Do

Everyone knows you’re supposed to put effort into building and strengthening your network. But when push came to shove, I’d choose going to happy hour with friends over meeting up with a semi-stranger for coffee any day. And, after making that decision week after week, year after year, the whole idea of meeting LinkedIn contacts seemed absurd.

That’s not the case when you have to get a new job. Not only did I reach out to everyone I’d ever worked with or for, but I said yes to any meeting opportunity that came my way—no matter how random it felt. This not only led to my current job here at The Muse, but it also made me realize how many smart and talented people I’d crossed paths with over the years, and that networking wasn’t so much a dentist appointment as it was an opportunity to connect (and re-connect) with interesting and successful people.

  1. You Should Take More Risks

On my networking spree, I grabbed drinks with a former colleague. And over glasses of wine, she reminded me that she’d been laid off herself years ago—and the best part of it for her was that it taught her to take risks. She’d hit rock bottom, seen the worst-case scenario, and survived it. No matter what job you have or what industry you’re in, you could end up being let go for a variety of reasons outside of your control, so why not make a scary move at some point?

And it’s true. Once you realize that losing your job doesn’t automatically translate into a one-way ticket to Tampa, you also realize that the worst-case scenario isn’t actually that bad. Don’t get me wrong, it was an incredibly stressful time in my life—but I had hit rock bottom (as did my bank account), and I got through it. So why not take the position at the startup? Why not try something you don’t feel 100% in? Why not move to a new city or go after that dream career in an unstable field?


  1. You’re Not Your Job

Before losing my job, I defined myself by it. So it was quite the surprise to me when I learned that I could still live, breathe, and carry on a conversation without an official title. Sure, that sounds overdramatic, but one of my first thoughts upon being laid off was how would I introduce myself to people: “I’m Jenni…and I like dogs?”

It turns out that I was putting the pressure on myself to be my job, to kick off introductions with what I do, to prioritize it on a daily basis. What I learned was that, yes, my position added to my life, but it wasn’t the entirety of it. Yes, I like my career (and yes I also like dogs), but there’s more to me than my resume.

So, if you’re reading this because you’re at rock bottom right now, take it from me: Yes, this time is incredibly hard. But in the long run, it really will be a blip in your career—a transition period before you land the next big thing. And soon enough, you’ll have your own career lessons that’ll make crying in your office totally worth it.